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First Blog…Second…

on November 26, 2010

Ok, WordPress is new for me I was on blogger but have moved yet again before that, I used yahoo 360 but, since it’s going or gone bye bye. Now i have a ton of old blogs I plan to put on here also. Going to test this out see if I can keep up with this new blog. see how many actually read it… don’t think many will but, we shall see. I’ve seen a lot of blogs here very interesting and obvious talented blogger’s someone with more word edict I guess you call it. I’m not the best with grammar, sentences, and words. I do like to blog or I used to blog almost everyday but seems since the last two years I stopped or rather slowed down like swimming in molasses anyway, and yes I do mean that slow. Most people thought I vanished from the face of the earth. I didn’t just a very busy life… and people who are close to Me knows what happened, and soon enough everyone else will because I plan on putting all of My old blogs on here also and if I get some readers they will be able to see exactly why I’ve been so busy.

I went and helped My mom pick out wall-paper… well almost 400 dollars later, we had what she wanted and it looks good together but 400 for just 2 of the rooms the living room and the kitchen. I love decorating so this was fun for Me, I wouldn’t really go for the old-fashioned red-white-blue stuff My mom picked out for the living room but I helped match and pick it out. Not My style but it will look good. I know other family is doing this theme also and then I’m guessing it’s a popular right now I like a few things here and there but I don’t think I would want My whole house or a whole room dedicated to it.

I guess that’s it for now… be well everyone…

~Peace, Love & Ducttape~


One response to “First Blog…Second…

  1. starchildskiss78 says:

    WordPress has a nice feature that lets you import your blogger posts. I think it’s in the dashboard somewhere. 🙂

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