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Hello world, new blog, and thankful

on November 24, 2010

Here I am moving my blog yet again… be happy! ( to the one I keep moving with) you better read everything I blog, I am going to move my old blogs to here maybe more people will read these. Cause over on Blogger I wasnt getting anything really had one stalker lol ok now to get used to this new blog… its so  white and boring  *le’ sigh* even with the theme it still seems so bland I will need to work on this but after thanks giving is over with.

This year I’m much more thankful for what I have. Last couple years I could only concentrate on what was taken. But I’m thankful for my family…

Mom and Dad at my wedding.

Mom: I’m thankful for you you help me keep strong and is always there for me even if I don’t share my feelings or show what is wrong or tell what is wrong. You seem to understand with out me saying a word. You kept a roof over my head even now you help where you can, you kept food in our mouths threw the years even when the family struggled. I know I’m not all touchy feely and don’t hug kiss or open up much unless I’m pissed off or tired of hearing shit and am annoyed. but I am thankful for such a wonderful and strong mother who has raised me to be a strong woman.

Daddy: I’m thankful for you, your there when I need to laugh or just chill out and talk. You kept bills paid and a roof over us just like mom you two are the best team and best parents anyone could ask for. You always wanted best for us kids you always wanted better for us then you had and I feel we have that and we always have even if we didnt get that toy we begged for in the store for the most part we did get everything we wanted. Thank you daddy I’m thankful for you your the best dad anyone could want.


Coy-Boy: my little brother I’m thankful for you cause you are there you understand me and I know I can talk to you if I need to and I know you will always try to protect me even if I don’t need it. yet I’m thankful for it, I remember all the times we would do things I remember most when we would sit in our closets and talk on a walkie-talkie. I remember when you was learning to crawl and we piled a bunch of your fave toys in the floor for you to go to them but you wouldnt till I put my silver compass with it, you loved yellow and shiney things. I never knew just how close we was till I came back from alabama and met junita, Shes kinda crazy but she sat down and told like all kind of storys from when we were little, she told me how much you would talk about me and missed me. I never knew till then. I will always remember having to pick you up from the police department too.  I’m thankful for you little brother I begged mom and dad to have me a little sister but I’m glad it was you that god gave us.

we was goofing around in FL it would be cooler if the flash wasnt there

Justin "juddy"

Justin: my dìdì I know we was close and I didnt know how much it hurt and how much you missed me when I left for alabama I’m sorry to all you who I hurt when I did that never ment to. I’m thankful for all the laughs you gave me and still give me and I know just like coy you try to protect me even when I don’t need it I’m thankful for you, mom had you so late you was more like my own kid then a brother somtimes. I remember teaching to pick your nose with Jessie and stuff lol it was so funny what I could get you to do. I’m glad god blessed us with you juddy even tho sometimes you bug me till I just want to slap you lol

Destinee on the way to the beach (I think we were)

Destinee: my sister, I miss you so much. you are the only one I could ever truely share everything with I know we wasnt close as kids it seemed like we had nothing in common, you where 10 years younger then me. when I came back to Indiana I learned you where exactly like me we got so close then and I miss you so much somedays I just want to curl up and die I wanted to for a long time just to be with you again. I wish you could have been in the wedding I know you watched over it and you watch over us. I just miss you I wanted longer time with you. but I know you needed to go god needed you and I hate he had to take you but I do understand. I remember laying out on the trampoline almost everynight talking watching the stars taking pictures and talking on the phone. I’ll always remember teasing beef hes so gullible. I love you destinee, I’m thankful for every second I had with you all the laughs the crys. I know we will meet again oneday, I don’t know when but I know we will.

Hubby as Emmitt

come on hes the best how many men would dress up as a glittery vamp with you on halloween?

Jamie: my husband, that still sounds so strange to me we have been together a long time and took a while before we actually said ” I do” but I’m thankful for you. you have been my rock when Ive needed it, I know I take things out on you but your the closest to me so it kinda comes with the territory. I love you, you are my soul mate my best friend my lover my everything threw good and bad times we have stuck together your my dork in aluminum foil and I enjoy every min, hell with a knight in shineing armor thats only for fairy tails anyway. I’m thankful for you for everything you have done do and will do.

I can’t do all the family like this who have been there for me threw the years but you know who you are and I love you and I’m thankful for you.

family'/friends at the reception

I’m thankful for my friends they are the family god lead me to I love you all old friends and new you are on my path for short passes or walking with me threw time. I’ll always remember you thank you for being there when I need you I know Ive came to some of you at odd times, strange 4am calls I don’t remember sometimes to my wedding day seeing you in the seats or standing beside me.

wedding reception

*sigh* well tears have fallen and giggles are finished.. now for more…

I’m thankful for what I have been blessed with a loving family and wonderful friends.

This thanksgiving remember what you have not what you have lost, want or need.

~peace, love & ducttape~


4 responses to “Hello world, new blog, and thankful

  1. starchildskiss78 says:

    That was very touching! I think we forget how much we have sometimes…I’m thankful for you!!! 🙂

  2. jon aka teddy says:

    your one of the greatest friends i have ever had, i love reading your blogs shows just how much heart and just how much pride you have

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