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Viva-Las-Vegas ( day one in vegas)

on October 26, 2010

So, here I am in the supposedly most exciting town in the US well that is what they say right? I mean “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Least so I’m told. I’m in the hotel room right now the place is called ” the wild wild west” eh, it’s a Days Inn. not bad pretty clean and decent place for the price. Wasn’t aware of the pool and hot tub, yeah big pout face about this. I would love to take a dip in the hot tub for a few hours tonight. Not really interested in the pool but I know I would end up in it. I sat outside by it in a lounge chair for a bit this morning till the sun got me lol black jeans and a gray shirt and sun blaring isn’t quite what I need. I know I’m pale but I enjoy my skin and don’t want a tan really at least not a on purpose tan. Right now I’m sitting at the small table every so often taking a look at the beautiful clear sky and palm trees outside. Wish I could see more but fence and a walkway won’t let that go, but if I could see more it would just be the city sky line. Not too much for me really I like outdoors to see the sky mountains just nature not buildings no matter how many lights and how it’s shaped. I prefer nature. Ive been waiting for the damn maid all morning makes me wonder if she is waiting for me to leave. it’s already noon. All I want is bed made, towels, and trash done. I’m not picky I don’t need the floor vacuumed or anything major. I like them to make the bed cause well I’m lazy lol sometimes I don’t even bother having it made at all. I would have blogged yesterday when I got here but I was so damn tired two planes and way too many hours and steps to make it here. I’m glad to be here for the week well business week like 4-5 days. Not long I guess, wish I could be here longer. Wish I wouldn’t be going back to Indiana soon. I really like Indiana for family and friends but really it holds nothing else for me. Just memories and I can take them anywhere. I wish I had brought my camera or was able to talk mom in to letting me use hers. I’m actually tempted to just make the damn bed myself, least it would look neater then. OH and in need of TP really came here and there wasn’t much on the roll and no extra roll, maybe that is how they do it here, I know anywhere I’ve been before and the hotel I worked for people would 1- be getting in trouble and 2- hotel would be looked down upon. yeah small thing like TP ends up a big thing to a guest. I worked front desk a few years it’s amazing what a guest will bitch about sometimes. OH and calling to the front desk here 20 mins on hold for a user name and password for the net here and still didn’t get it so waited a few hours and called back. I understand shit can be busy at the front desk but a normal guest would have really balled them out over it. UGH looking at the clean water of the pool makes me tempted to go buy a bathing suit here but really I don’t want to spend so much on one cause I know it would be at least 30 bucks. Maybe I can run to walmart and just get shorts and a tank? Think I could get away with it? eh probably not. Maybe another bad thing here, you can hear everyone around you voices doors the whole lot and I seem to have a very loud mouthed man next to me and it’s not english I believe is Arabic? Hindi ?Indo-Aryan? Not really sure just the accent and voice sounds around in that area. Please no one take that wrong just was going by the accent and voice to what language it would be.

I took a small break from my blog. Called the front desk and asked about when the maid might be around and she said there was no set time that they work in sections, I know this already I just want a made here before too damn late, it’s already one here. One of my favorite movies is on “Sabrina” not the old one but the new one I think was re-made in the 90s, I have yet to see the older one. I do want to see it but I have yet to I’m not much on black and white movies. well guess I’ll end this blog now and write more tomorrow think I’ll go out side and enjoy the day. hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Blessed be


One response to “Viva-Las-Vegas ( day one in vegas)

  1. Hey, I'm commenting here because a. I just read this post and b. I don't see an email address. I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog. I try to get back if anybody comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my "Bambi" story and I hope you'll continue to read. Thanks, hopenu had fun in Vegas!Lynn MacDonald

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