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The smell of fall & walk on water

on October 10, 2010

Finally it smells like fall. I was riding in mom’s car today windows down sun bright and warm, the wind blowing right in my face, a bit too warm for fall really but oh so nice. I know I’ll regret it but I couldn’t stop smelling the smells of fall in Indiana. The reason I’ll regret it is cause my allergies will be haywire but it was worth it. I mean really have you ever just let the wind hit you and take a big deep breath and smell the dry air in fall?? Here you can smell the dry grass and leaves I guess in a way it’s the smell of death for mother earth. between that and the farming around here where they have harvested the corn and soy.. and even smell the drying of tobacco in the barns around here. I’ve already took some sinus and allergy medication hopefully I’ll catch it all before it attacks me.

  I love seeing all the colors that come out in fall then I get excited thinking about Halloween coming up and thoughts of decoration and outfits for this year take over my mind. I love fall I always have. I hate that it is 82 out way too hot for Indiana in fall but soon it will get cold again. the weather has been bouncing from chilly to warm it’s really annoying but it will get cold soon when all the leaves die and it starts frosting. I wish I had took photos today of how completely beautiful it was. I felt like a puppy enjoying a car ride  head half out the window had a strange urge to bark a people just to freak them out and maybe pant a few times.

  I had a pretty good day today till some old man thought it right to act as if he can walk on water and judges me for parking in front of walmart to wait for mom to get the small top cake for the wedding it shouldn’t have took too long in and out right. well the guy is just out of the blue looked at me and stated ” whats wrong with the parking lot” and I just told him I’m waiting for someone. simple enough you know its not like i left my car out there and went in or she was shopping for a lot just a damn cake! but anyway so there i sat really wanted to be an total ass to him yet, not even 5 mins later he comes back nothing in his hands and said ” your still there” and I just blankly said ” sure am, my shits not been brought out yet”  I’m sorry but normally I am not rude to anyone, yet this about 50 year old man starts with me over me parking for about 10 mins in front of the door, I have done it a lot when destinee was sick and I pulled the car around and got her in the car and such. I really wish it was one of them moments just so I could have made the man feel horrible for opening his mouth to me like that. in fact I wanted to tell him ” can you walk on water?”  basically i would hope he would catch that enough to make him realize we all are not perfect IF the worse thing I do is park in front of walmart I think that’s good cause what I keep in my head is a hell of a lot worse then 1- what i say  and 2-what i do. IF I did all i wanted or said all i wanted I would be in jail on death row. So those out there who think I’m just a horrible person think before you speak and don’t judge me till you can walk on water.


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