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AHS Graduation 2010

on May 29, 2010

Serious this was so boring, I’m sorry but it really was for 75 kids that was graduating it should not take an hour and half to do… not when other schools who have 400+ students do theirs in the same time. I mean come the hell on… I was truly expecting a bit more then 30 Min’s but no they had the band play the choir sing and I think 8 people with speeches. Not even where I graduated did all that filler, and I graduated with a huge class. Sorry if I’m wrong in feeling this way but hell what I was told they would have in memory of my sister wasn’t anything. That not only ticked me off but hurt some of my family in the process. They put her gown on a chair yeah a chair where she would have sat with her diploma holder, her cap, and a program. That was nice of them since they didn’t have to do anything and I understand that. But originally it was going to be me or mom sitting there and we would accept it for her. They had a moment of silence for her, and flashed a couple pics of her when all the other grad pics was finished. They didn’t even put her in order with the other kids hers was last. Maybe I shouldn’t care so much but we was originally told about a lot that was going to happen this day and none of it happened. but anyway if there are any other graduates out there good luck and I’m happy for you. Blessed be.


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