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If you write it, they will read.

on May 28, 2010

I guess it’s been a long time… I’ve got busy with a lot of things. No one missed me anyway no one reads this blog but hell I should write more then maybe people will read right? I mean ” If you write it, they will read.” right?

OK… so, what have I been doing you ask. A lot between helping mom with her stuff, my own junk, then also helping with the scholarship fundraising, helping with party planning ( b-day, baby showers, graduations) you name it I’ve been helping with it. Oh, and the newest addition my wedding. I was planning it for next year but, mom pushed to have it this year if she paid for it. Can’t pass up the chance for her to help with it cause we really don’t have a lot of money for anything other then bills really. So, it was moved up a lot… like a year and 20 days to be exact.

I’m trying to plan the wedding but seems everyone is trying to get me to do other shit when I really don’t feel like messing with anything else, then when I get finished with what they want guess what I don’t feel like messing with any wedding plans or anything I just want to sit and do nothing and let myself rest. I feel so lazy but hell I can’t help it when I feel like crap most of the time over one thing or another ( body or mind depends on the day really).

If anyone is reading this they are more then likely saying ” just say no” well I can’t normally especially when its for my mom or something to do with my sister. Hell few months back I lost my grandmother to cancer now. She had cancer and took chemo/radiation and all and it worked for well over 5 years but the cancer still came back in another area. So, what can you do? when life is quite literally stacked against you in every and all possible way.

Tonight is graduation for Austin High School. I know most of the kids of 2010 and even some before and after cause Destinee would have graduated tonight, they are doing a honorary graduation thing for her. I’m proud of them all for making it, I know some kids didn’t and it hurts a bit cause I know they aren’t thinking about the future and what it will bring with out a diploma. But I do, I’ve seen a lot who haven’t graduated or even have a GED go to hell but then some go really far.

My mom and dad neither graduated but they did well. yes factory work, but still they did well with their life and for us kids. I think mom was a Junior in HS and dad was in 8Th when they was signed out for one reason or another.

Well, I guess I have rambled enough. I hope to get some kind of feed back, blessed be.


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